Common Locksmith Services You Should Know About

locksmith servicesEveryone’s been there; you’re heading into the grocery store when suddenly you realize you don’t have your keys. Or worse, you lock yourself out of your home! Fortunately, your local lock and key company is here to help. Lockouts are relatively common, but there are actually a number of other lock related problems your locksmith can solve for you. As a homeowner, familiarizing yourself with all that a lock and key professional is trained to handle can reduce stress and frustration. Here are several locksmith services you should know about.

1. Rekey Locks to Use One Key

Does your home require the use of multiple keys? If you have a different key for you front door, back door, and garage, you’re dealing with too many! Your local locksmith can actually rekey any number of your locks to fit a single key you already use. Not only will this simplify key maintenance, but it’ll lighten your keychain.

2. Make New Keys (Without Your Key!)

Sometimes you lose your house keys and they’re really gone forever. Whether you dropped them in a river or a canyon, your local locksmith can help. He or she can create new keys! While it’s easier to make duplicate keys, making one from the lock alone is completely doable.

3. Install Extra Security Cylinders

If you’re worried about break-ins, you should speak with your locksmith about installing pick-free security cylinders. These cylinders make is impossible for someone to pick your lock.

Looking for a Professional Locksmith?

Are you looking for a professional locksmith? If you need expert lock and key assistance, contact White Knight Safe & Lock today. We often help clients with residential, automotive, safe, RV, CCTV and commercial key services. Visit our website for more information. You can also call (253) 833–1010 or (253) 621–4129 to speak with a representative today.

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