Home Security Tips From a Locksmith in Kent

home security tipsAre you concerned about the security of your home in Kent? Since break-ins are scary, make sure to take preventative action now. For added security, keep these helpful home security tips from a locksmith in mind. Don’t hesitate to contact a residential lock and key specialist in Kent if you need additional assistance securing your home.

1. Check Entrances and Exits

When was the last time a locksmith checked the doors in your home? It’s important to have a professional examine your locks periodically to ensure they’re functioning properly. Always take your locksmith’s security recommendations (lock upgrades, additional deadbolts, etc.) seriously. 

2. Secure Glass Doors and Windows

It’s also important to check the glass features in your home, such as doors and windows, for signs of damage or weakness. Common entry points for intruders are open or damaged windows, so make sure you or your locksmith check them regularly.

3. Lock Your Garage

Many homeowners leave the door that leads from their garage into their home unlocked. While sliding garage doors are larger, they aren’t necessarily more secure. Have your local lock and key professional inspect your garage door for proper function and be sure to lock the door leading into your home.

Need Professional Assistance from a Locksmith in Kent?

Do you need professional assistance from a locksmith in Kent, Washington? Keeping your family and home secure is a serious matter and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. For expert security advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer service, contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn today! Our highly-trained and experienced lock and key specialists offer comprehensive residential and commercial lock services. We also sell and install safes to further protect your valuables. Visit our website for more information about our company or call (253) 248–4520 to schedule an appointment with a locksmith in Kent today.

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