Advice from a Kent Locksmith: When to Replace Your Locks

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Do you need to speak with a Kent locksmith about when to replace the locks in your home or for your business? Contact a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith right away if you experience any of the following circumstances: 

After a Move

Have you recently moved to a new home or business location? Real estate agents are supposed to collect all keys before closing on a property, but it’s possible something was overlooked. To be safe, always have a Kent locksmith replace the locks after moving in. 

Following a Break-In

While you hopefully never have to deal with a break-in at your home or business, it could happen. While the method of entry can vary, it’s absolutely vital that you take precautions with your locks moving forward. A lock and key company will be able to assess your specific situation and provide guidance.

When You Lose a Key

It’s also important to have a Kent locksmith replace your locks when a key has been lost or stolen. Every moment you wait is more time that your residence or business is left vulnerable. If you manage a facility and have misplaced a master key, make sure to contact a lock and key professional right away. 

Need to Speak with a Kent Locksmith?

Do you need to speak with a Kent locksmith? If it’s time to replace your home or business locks, make an appointment with a professional right away. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn to schedule a consultation today! We’ve served residents and businesses in and around Kent for years. Our highly-trained and experienced specialists consistently provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to replace your locks quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our team for superior auto lock and residential safe services.  

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