Advice from a Residential Locksmith in Bonnie: Spare Key Maintenance

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How many spare keys should you have? Where should you keep them? Any residential locksmith can tell you that a single key to your home simply isn’t enough. Extra keys can help you prevent lockouts and will reduce stress. While a lock and key company can make additional keys for you, it’s important to know how many and how to maintain them when not in use. Personal preference plays a key role in answering these questions, but the following rules can help you determine what’s best for you and your family.

Don’t Keep Spare Keys with You

You should never keep the spare keys your residential locksmith creates with you. This defeats the purpose of having additional keys.

Never Leave Spare Keys in Your Car

You should also avoid keeping spare keys in your car or truck’s glovebox. While this seems ideal, your vehicle isn’t actually very secure. Someone could break into it and steal those keys, which will compromise the security of your home.

Give a Spare to a Friend/Family Member

Consider keeping a spare key in a secure location or giving one to a friend or relative to hold in case of an emergency. Instead of calling a lock and key professional during a lockout, you can call this individual instead.

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