3 Easy Ways to Avoid a Car Lockout in Auburn

car lockoutHave you ever locked your keys in your car? Car lockouts are more common than you realize. They often happen when you least expect it. Waiting for a lock and key professional to arrive while you’re locked out of your vehicle can ruin your plans for the day. Here are some great tips for preventing car lockouts in Auburn.

1. Have a Spare Nearby

You probably keep a spare key to your house, so why not one for your car? If you don’t already have a spare, contact an auto locksmith to have one made on the spot. A wallet, backpack, purse, or briefcase would be the perfect place to store it.

2. Use the Fob

Another way to prevent a car lockout is to use your key fob device. If your car has this handy feature, make a habit of using the fob’s lock button instead of locking your doors from the inside.

3. Make Your Key Wearable

When your keys become a fashion piece, they’re easier to remember. Keep them on your person and you’ll never have a car lockout again. You can use a lanyard, carabiner, or even a retractable keychain to always have the key within arm’s reach.

Avoid Future Car Lockouts

While being prepared can certainly help reduce the odds of a car lockout, mistakes do happen occasionally. Having the number of a reputable locksmith can mean the difference between a whole wasted day and a minor inconvenience. Let White Knight Safe & Lock of Auburn be your hero for a variety of lock and key needs. We assist with residential locks, commercial locks, and high-security locks, as well as safe installation. Browse our website to learn more, or call (253) 248–4520 to speak with a representative today.

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Posted on July 6, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business