Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Safe in Puyallup

purchasing a safe

Do you plan on purchasing a safe for your home or office in Puyallup, Washington? Answering this vital question appears straightforward, but it’s not that simple. There are various safe types, with each style constructed for a specific use. To ensure you invest in the right model, consult with a lock and key professional. Asking the right questions gives you a clearer idea of how safes differ and suit different applications. Consider the following questions when speaking to a technician.

What Size Safe Do I Need?

Your locksmith can make recommendations based on your individual needs. Bear in mind, though, that most professionals recommend buying a safe that’s slightly larger than you think you need. 

Are Hidden and Wall Safes Viable?

While your lock and key company can install a hidden or wall safe, neither of these options are ideal for high-value possessions. While these safes can easily be hidden out of sight, they are fairly easy to break into and access the contents once discovered.

Is There a Difference Between Fireproof and Fire Resistant?

Be wary if the installer tells you that a safe is fireproof. There is no such thing as a fireproof safe. Most models, though, are fire resistant. Some of the higher-end models can protect the stored contents from fire and heat for up to 150 minutes. However, no safe can withstand fire indefinitely.

Interested in Purchasing a Safe in Puyallup?

Ready to purchase a safe for your residence in Puyallup? For professional advice, industry-level installation, and impeccable client service, contact the crew at White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn today. Our staff has the know-how, training, and commercial equipment required to do the job to standards. You can also depend on us for commercial lock and auto lock services.  

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