Should You Rekey or Replace Your Locks in South Hill?

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Are you having difficulties with your residential lock? Perhaps you misplaced your key, or there’s some issue with the lock itself. Depending on the specific issue, you may need to replace or rekey a lock. Most customers are unaware that there’s more than one option. The locksmith will examine the situation and determine whether replacing or rekeying is the appropriate solution. The two terms are not interchangeable, even though many non-industry professionals use the terms interchangeably. Learn the difference.


The interior of a lock will wear out over time. This is especially true with locks that are used multiple times daily by entering and exiting occupants. When lock wear becomes evident, you need a lock replacement. The entire lock is removed and replaced with a new lock of a different internal mechanism requiring new keys.


When you rekey a lock, you don’t replace the entire locking mechanism. The locksmith simply changes out the springs and pins, so that you need a new key. This is normally the recommended solution unless the lock is worn beyond rekeying and requires a total replacement, or you desire new keys.

Need to Replace or Rekey a Lock in South Hill?

Do you have a faulty lock or have misplaced a key? Now that you can distinguish between rekeying and replacement, you can make a more informed decision as you get in touch with a locksmith. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock for speedy service, industry expertise, and excellent customer consultation. We have the training and commercial tools needed to replace or rekey a lock for residences, automobiles, and commercial facilities.

Replace or Rekey a Lock in South Hill

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