Advice from a Kent Locksmith: When to Replace Your Locks

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Do you know when to replace locks for your residence or commercial property in or around Kent, Washington? It’s best to contact a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith immediately if your locks are outdated. We outline the scenarios that may necessitate a lock replacement.

After a Move

Did you just relocate to a new property? Typically, the real estate agent is supposed to collect all the keys from the prior homeowner. However, it’s possible the homeowner may have held on to a spare key or two. To err on the side of caution, it’s best to have the lock to the main door replaced upon moving in.

Following a Break-In

Though not all break-ins occur by penetrating the lock, it’s certainly one mode of entry for burglars. If this happened to your home, have a locksmith come in and upgrade the lock, preferably with a new mechanism that can’t be bypassed with a simple tool like a lockpick or screwdriver.

When You Lose a Key

Do you have a key that you’re unable to locate? Whether it was stolen or simply lost, the fact the key is not in your possession means the risk of someone else with bad intentions having that key. Once again, err on the side of caution and contact a locksmith for a lock replacement.

We Help You Determine When to Replace Locks Near Kent

Do you think you need to have a lock switched out? It’s always best to leave the assessment to a professional and contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn for a consultation. We have been providing lock and key services to residents and business owners in and around Kent for years. In addition to house and commercial locks, we also provide auto lock and residential safe services. Allow us to be your go-to lock installation and replacement team.

Identify When to Replace Locks Near Kent

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