Advice from a Residential Locksmith in Bonnie: Spare Key Maintenance

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Do you keep spare keys in the home? Bonnie residents should have more than just the main key they use. You want to have a backup readily available in the event your main key is lost or stolen. Regarding the spares, where should you store them, and how many should you have on hand? Here are some tips regarding extra residential keys.

Keep the Main and Spare Key Separate

As a general rule, you should never keep spare keys in the same place where you keep your main key. In other words, if your main key is in your purse, the spare should be elsewhere, perhaps in your pocket.

Don’t Leave Spares in Your Car

Keeping a spare key in your car glovebox may seem convenient. However, this isn’t a secure storage area. If a thief breaks into your car and steals your keys among other items, your home is now vulnerable.

Give a Spare to a Friend/Family Member

You should keep the spare in a location that isn’t so obvious, such as taped behind an appliance or furniture. Alternatively, you can give the spare to a trusted relative or friend for safekeeping. This way, you can contact this person instead of having to call a professional. Consider doing the same for a safe spare key if you have a safe in the home.

We Create Spare Keys on the Spot Near Bonnie

Do you require a locksmith to make additional keys for your residence in or near Bonnie, Washington? Now that you understand why spare keys are essential, contact White Knight Safe & Lock for a free estimate today. Apart from residential locks, we also provide similar services for commercial locks as well as auto locks.

We Create Duplicates for Spare Keys Near Bonnie

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