Security Tips from a Residential Locksmith in Algona

locksmith security tips, residential security, security tipsHow secure is your residence in Algona, Washington? You may think it’s secure, but a residential locksmith can identify easy points of entry for intruders. Here are some locksmith security tips for better home safety.

Avoid Locks from Big-Box Stores

It’s ideal to acquire new locks directly from a locksmith. Big-box stores may provide good prices and a self-installation kit. However, these locks can easily be bypassed by a seasoned thief. When installing a new lock, always settle for at least a grade three lock or above.

Install Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Do you have windows adjacent to the front door? An intruder can break the glass to reach the door lock from the inside. A double cylinder lock can prevent this since it also requires a key to open from the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt is a popular choice among homeowners who have experienced a robbery. Our commercial locksmiths also install these for business owners. 

Prevent Key Duplication

You may have seen keys that say “do not duplicate” imprinted on the surface. Even if it has this label, it’s still capable of duplication. Speak with a locksmith to learn more about keys that are far more difficult to duplicate. The more duplicates of your key, the greater the likelihood one can fall in the wrong hands.

We Provide Locksmith Security Tips in Algona

Do you wish to enhance your home security in Algona? Safety begins with fortifying your locks and following industry locksmith security tips. You can do this by contacting White Knight Safe & Lock for a consultation. Our professional crew performs residential, commercial, and automotive lock services. We provide lock-out and key creation services on the spot. Leave it to us to install upgraded locks that keep uninvited guests out.

Locksmith Security Tips in Algona

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