Advice from a Residential Locksmith in Puyallup: What to Do When You Lose Your Keys

lose keysDo you know what to do if you lose your keys? This can be a stressful moment especially if it means being potentially locked out of your own home. Here is some advice that residential locksmiths provide to homeowners in Puyallup when their key isn’t in their pocket, purse, or where they normally keep it.

Stay Calm

Misplacing your home or car keys can lead to frustration and panic. However, while these emotions are normal and expected, it’s important to remain calm. Take a few deep breaths and keep your emotions in check.

Keep Searching

Continue to search. It may help to backtrack and search other areas. Where were you earlier in the day? Could it have fallen out of your pocket when you were at the office or parking lot? If you search these grounds and still can’t find your keys, then it may be time to call a residential or automotive locksmith.

Look in Unusual Places

Search in places you may not consider. You’d be surprised where people have found their keys. This includes unusual places like behind appliances or under a sofa seat. It doesn’t hurt to check these locations before calling a locksmith.

Call a Locksmith

If you searched everywhere to no avail, then the final step is to phone a professional locksmith. The locksmith can’t find your keys, but he/she can create a duplicate. You do not need to have the original key.

Lose Your Keys in Puyallup?

Are your keys nowhere in sight? This can be a cause for alarm but try to stay calm and search in all probable areas. Once you’ve exhausted your options, take the next step by calling White Knight Safe & Lock for professional rekeying and lock installation services. We have helped dozens of clients who lost their residential, automotive, or commercial keys. Let us be your go-to locksmith providers.

Quick Solution When You Lose Your Keys in Puyallup

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