Why You Need Spare House Keys Near Leah Hill

spare house keysDo you have additional spare house keys on hand? It’s a good idea to have several spare keys for your Leah Hill residence. This ensures you don’t end up locked out after discovering you misplaced your primary key. If you don’t already have a few spares on hand, you can have a locksmith produce a few duplicates for you. Fortunately, the process is quick, simple, and inexpensive. Here are a few other reasons you should have spare keys.

1. Prevents Lockouts

Lockouts happen occasionally. If the key you lose is the only one you have, then the only recourse is to contact a residential locksmith. Having a spare key can prevent this altogether. We recommend having the spare key on your body when you’re out of the home. If you keep your primary key in a keychain, for example, then keep the spare in a wallet or purse.

2. Helps Extend Key Life

Keys don’t last forever. With use and time, they do wear out and become unusable. We recommend alternating between your primary and spare keys to preserve the life of the former. The same principle applies to your auto keys.

3. Simpler Replacement

It’s quite easy for a locksmith to create a duplicate key on the spot using the existing key. However, if you only have one key and lose it, the locksmith will have to create a new key from the lock itself. This process is more complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

Do You Need Additional Spare House Keys Near Leah Hill?

Avoid an inconvenient situation by having additional spare house keys for your Leah Hill residence. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock today. We frequently create spare keys, including commercial keys for local businesses. When accessing your home, business, and vehicle, you always want to have several keys on hand.

Spare House Keys Near Leah Hill

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