Knowing When It’s Time to Rekey Your Home Near Sumner

rekey your homeWhen was the last time you had the main locks in the home rekeyed by a residential locksmith? There are some instances where you should rekey your home. This is a pivotal step in protecting your family and your property from burglary. While changing the locks isn’t something you have to do every year, it’s something that should be done based on specific life situations, which we discuss below.

1. Relocating

Have you recently relocated to a new home or apartment? This situation warrants rekeying the locks. For all you know, the prior owner may have given spare keys to other people or even withheld an extra key. If so, these people now have access to your home without your knowledge.

2. When Someone Moves Out

Are you a landlord or rent out a portion of your home? It’s a good idea to rekey the house once the tenant leaves. It’s possible the person may have created duplicates and given them out to friends and family. This makes your home vulnerable.

3. After a Break-In

You may be understandably shocked after a break-in. However, it’s important to remain composed and take swift action. One thing to do is rekey your home. Having upgraded locks make your home more difficult for burglars to enter through the main door entrances. The same goes for a business break-in. Contact a commercial locksmith to rekey your office or shop.

Is It Time to Rekey Your Home Near Sumner?

Whatever your reasons for rekeying, contact White Knight Safe & Lock to immediately fortify your locks. We also provide rekeying services for vehicles if you need an auto locksmith. Lock upgrades are an essential component to ensure your home, business, or vehicle remains secure and doesn’t become accessible by the wrong people.

Rekey Your Home Today Near Sumner

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