Common Locksmith Services You Should Know About Near South Hill

locksmith servicesMost people have been in a lockout situation where they found themselves locked out of their homes, office, or vehicle. Locksmith services near South Hill can be your saving grace. The services that a lock and key specialist provides go beyond unlocking your house or car. As someone who owns a house or an automobile, there is a myriad of services that a locksmith can perform for you.

1. Rekey Locks to Use a Single Key

If you have a separate key for the front door, back door, and individual rooms, then that’s a lot of keys to deal with. A residential locksmith can modify each of the locks in the home so they all work off the same key. This way, you only need one home key on your keychain instead of two or three.

2. Make New Keys (Without Your Key!)

You may lose your key and never find it again. A locksmith can create a new set of identical keys. The best part is you don’t need the original key. It’s certainly easier and cheaper to make a key if the original is available. However, having the original isn’t required. This goes for both house and automotive keys.

3. Install Extra Security Cylinders

If you’re concerned about break-ins, talk to a local locksmith about installing pick-free security cylinders. This makes it borderline impossible for a burglar to pick your lock using a lock pick set. Commercial locksmiths tend to install these types of locks for businesses. 

Need Professional Locksmith Services Near South Hill?

Do you require a local locksmith? If you need help regarding lock and key services, contact White Knight Safe & Lock today. We help clients with home, automotive, safe, and commercial key/rekeying services. Look up our website for additional information or call (253) 833–1010 or (253) 621–4129 to talk to one of our crew members.

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