Simple Safe Maintenance Tips for Tacoma

A safe is one of the strongest ways to achieve peace of mind at home or in your business. When held in a safe, jewelry, cash, stocks and important documents are highly secure against casual or dedicated thieves. However, if you want your valuables to remain that way, you must take good care of your safe It may seem strange, but a safe is only as strong as your ability to maintain it. Here are a few essential safe maintenance tips to help you out.home safe in Algona

Handle Your Safe with Care 

Although it’s tempting to spin the dial lock of your safe, it’s unwise and can affect the performance of the lock. Likewise, avoid forcing keys into cylinders or slamming the doors of your safe. Any of these can cause your safe lock to lose alignment, making it difficult to open or lock you out completely.

Annual Service is Important

When you call a locksmith for annual service on your safe, they’ll test and adjust the lock. It will be cleaned and lubricated so the parts move smoothly and operate as they should. Annual service may also be necessary to keep warranty coverage over your safe.

Call for Service as Needed

As soon as you realize the safe hardware isn’t working as expected, call your locksmith. Using the safe often worsens problems and requires a longer and more extensive repair. A damaged safe may also leave your possessions vulnerable if your safe gets broken into, so scheduling safe maintenance as soon as you notice a problem will save you many headaches down the line.

Have Concerns About Your Safe Maintenance in Tacoma?

White Knight Safe & Lock performs residential, commercial and automotive lock services, safe sales and installation. We are also ready to assist 24/7 should you need mobile locksmith services. You can count on us–we’ve earned our strong reputation as a local locksmith over three decades of service, and we’re still going strong. If you need a locksmith for safe maintenance, contact us for prompt and professional service. 

Protect Your Valuables with Professional Safe Maintenance Services for Tacoma

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