Need to Rekey Locks? Your Questions Answered

Not only is losing your house door keys inconvenient, but it also risks your safety. Instead of worrying that whoever stole or found your lost keys could enter your home or business without your permission or knowledge, reach out to a locksmith for a quick and easy solution–rekeying. If you’re unfamiliar with when to rekey locks and why, read on for answers to frequently asked questions.Rekey Locks in Auburn

What Happens in Rekeying?

The locksmith removes the inside of your pin and tumbler lock and changes the pins. Your door lock will no longer work with any existing keys, and your locksmith will provide new ones. 

Can All Locks be Rekeyed?

In most cases, locks found on house doors can be serviced this way. However, depending on the inner components of your lock, it may require a different approach, so a locksmith’s expertise is important. This is not an option for broken locks. 

How Long Does it Take?

A locksmith can do the job in a half-hour or less–sometimes as little as a few minutes, depending on the lock. You’ll have a new set of keys and a newly functional lock in no time with considerably less expense than changing out your locks.

Ready to Rekey Locks in Auburn?

White Knight Safe & Lock makes quick work of any request to rekey locks. Our team is well-versed in all kinds of residential, automotive and commercial door locks and keys, from traditional kinds with physical keys to electronic and smart locks. Get the customized solution that’s right for all your personal and business security needs, including safe sales, installation and service. Contact us today and allow us to restore your peace of mind.

Quick and Reliable Locksmith Service to Rekey Locks in Auburn

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