Maximize Protection Against Unauthorized Entry With a Master Key System

Companies seeking to improve access and control of restricted areas may find that a master key system meets their needs. It’s a flexible solution that enables business growth while also strengthening protections against unauthorized entry. Here’s how it can help you manage your company’s operations and strategic access requirements without complicating your key tracking and handling process.master key system in Lee Hill

Master Keys are Restricted from Copying

This key system imposes strict controls on any kind of key duplication. No keys can be copied by a locksmith or hardware store without the authorization of the key owner or their pre-arranged delegate. This eliminates the worry that anyone on your team might be copying keys without your knowledge.

There are Fewer Keys to Track and Manage

Give employees with critical roles, such as facilities managers, access to multiple locked areas of your site without issuing multiple keys. It streamlines and simplifies key management while also making emergency access faster.

Multiple Levels of Access are Possible

With a master key system, you can segment certain areas or departments and limit access to those holding subsidiary keys. You’re not limited to a single master key that opens everything. Customization is crucial when you’re managing roles and responsibilities across teams, while also accounting for staff changes.

Could Your Lee Hill Business Benefit from a Master Key System?

At White Knight Safe & Lock, you can rely on us to set up and walk you through the best key system for commercial, residential or automotive use. We welcome your commercial master key, door locks and keys, and safe sales, installation and service needs.Get the security you need to protect your company’s assets and prevent unauthorized access. Contact us for an evaluation of your needs and customized solutions today.

Improve Your Lee Hill Company’s Defense Against Intrusion With an Expertly Designed and Installed Master Key System

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