Finding an Affordable Locksmith in Auburn

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Are you seeking an affordable locksmith in Auburn, Washington? Whether you need residential lock, commercial lock, or auto lock services, it’s integral to know you aren’t overpaying. For those who never needed a locksmith before, this may not be so simple. After all, how much is too much to repair a lock or duplicate a missing key? Luckily, it’s actually not that hard to determine whether you’re paying within the industry average rate for locksmith services.

Research Local Averages

The cost of locksmith services differs depending on your location. Do some research to determine the general cost of locksmith services in your city or township. Keep in mind that costs do differ between counties, so be sure to research solely within your locale.

Schedule Consultations

Unless you’re dealing with an abrupt lockout, you’ll normally have time to shop around for a locksmith. Many lock and key companies provide no-cost consultations that come with an estimate. We recommend contacting at least three companies for an estimate comparison.

Compare Companies

Not all lock and key professionals provide the same quality of service. This is why you should research a company’s total years of service. You should also take into account any certifications the company possesses as well as lookup prior customer reviews. The ideal company has a good mix of experience, certifications, and positive testimonials.

Need an Affordable Locksmith in Auburn?

Do you need a budget-friendly locksmith in Auburn? Get a consultation today by contacting White Knight Safe & Lock for a consultation. We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide a quote. Apart from home and auto lock services, we also perform residential safe services.

Reliable and Affordable Locksmith in Auburn

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Qualities of a Reliable Locksmith in Des Moines


Need to replace your house or car keys in Des Moines, Washington? Perhaps you have a broken lock or, worse, you found yourself locked out. You need to seek a trustworthy locksmith in your region. With multiple lock and key companies to select from, though, it can be tricky knowing which company to hire. To be sure you get prompt services, it’s imperative to consider all of your options and vet candidates accordingly.

Positive Customer Feedback

One of the top ways to confirm whether a locksmith provides stellar service is to read reviews from past clients. The majority of companies will have testimonials posted on their websites. Steer clear of companies with multiple reviews below three stars (out of five).

Good Customer Service

Call the company and assess the degree of customer service you receive. Is the representative courteous? Is he/she able to answer your home and auto lockout questions in detail? You’ll be surprised at how much you can gauge from a single phone call lasting no more than two minutes. 

Awards and/or Certifications

Many lock and key professionals have multiple certifications. Inquire about the company’s license, certificates, and awards. Companies with more accolades have generally also been in the industry longer.

Need a Reliable Locksmith in Des Moines?

We recommend always having the number of a local locksmith on your phone. This way, professional help is just a phone call away in the event of an unforeseen lockout. Call White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn to get started. We always provide expert advice and service performed to precise industry standards without ever cutting corners. Our services also extend to include commercial lock and residential safe services.

Reliable Locksmith in Des Moines

Serving the communities of Auburn, Lee Hill, Kent, Tacoma, Federal Way, Covington, Waller, Bonnie Lake, Algona, Puyallup, Fife, South Hill, Milton, Summer, and Des Moines

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What To Do During an Auto Lockout in Milton

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Have you ever locked yourself out of your vehicle? This is a rare occurrence but has happened to most people at least once. An auto lockout is always a major hassle and can lead to serious delays in your daily routine. Learn how to appropriately respond during a lockout, so you can quickly return to your affairs.

Make Sure You’re Safe

Before phoning a locksmith, be sure that you’re safe. You don’t have to remain by your vehicle while awaiting assistance. If possible, relocate indoors. If it’s evening, remain in a well-lit area if you can’t enter indoors.

Call for Professional Assistance

Once you’re safe, call for help. We recommend having the number of a lock and key service stored in your phone. With a quick phone call, help can be on your way in minimal time. Most lockout services are available for service 24/7.

Take Future Precautions

Use this current lockout situation as a reminder to take precautions in the future. It helps to carry a spare key somewhere on your body and separate from your main key. If your main key is on your keychain, then keep the spare in your wallet or purse.

Need an Auto Lockout Professional in Milton?

Do you require auto lockout services in Milton, Washington? Now that you know the exact procedure, take the next step and contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn today. We specialize in all lock types, including commercial locks and residential safes. Keep our number on your phone, so we’re always just a quick dial away if you ever need emergency assistance.

Auto Lockout Experts in Milton

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Should You Rekey or Replace Your Locks in South Hill?

rekey lock, replace lock

Are you having difficulties with your residential lock? Perhaps you misplaced your key, or there’s some issue with the lock itself. Depending on the specific issue, you may need to replace or rekey a lock. Most customers are unaware that there’s more than one option. The locksmith will examine the situation and determine whether replacing or rekeying is the appropriate solution. The two terms are not interchangeable, even though many non-industry professionals use the terms interchangeably. Learn the difference.


The interior of a lock will wear out over time. This is especially true with locks that are used multiple times daily by entering and exiting occupants. When lock wear becomes evident, you need a lock replacement. The entire lock is removed and replaced with a new lock of a different internal mechanism requiring new keys.


When you rekey a lock, you don’t replace the entire locking mechanism. The locksmith simply changes out the springs and pins, so that you need a new key. This is normally the recommended solution unless the lock is worn beyond rekeying and requires a total replacement, or you desire new keys.

Need to Replace or Rekey a Lock in South Hill?

Do you have a faulty lock or have misplaced a key? Now that you can distinguish between rekeying and replacement, you can make a more informed decision as you get in touch with a locksmith. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock for speedy service, industry expertise, and excellent customer consultation. We have the training and commercial tools needed to replace or rekey a lock for residences, automobiles, and commercial facilities.

Replace or Rekey a Lock in South Hill

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How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam in Fife

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Are you seeking a lock and key professional in Fife, Washington? Be careful of a locksmith scam! While many companies are legit, some unethical contractors may try to get away with overcharging and/or perform a shoddy job. Hiring an unlicensed worker can result in a loss of your money, and your lock and key issue may still be unresolved or only partially resolved. Keep the following tidbits of advice in mind as you search for a trustworthy company.

Look for “Local” Locksmiths

Whether you need residential or commercial lock services, start your search for a locksmith the optimal way. Speak to friends and neighbors and request references from anyone who may have had utilized such services in the past few years.

Ask for Identification

When the technician from the lock and key company arrives, ask to see identification. The professional should be able to yield both a photo ID and an industry license. Avoid work performed by independent contractors who arrive in unmarked/personal vehicles or who are unable to show a professional ID.

Pay Attention to the Work

A residential lock and key professional will never go directly to drilling your lock as the first step. Drilling is always a final resort. If the contractor says otherwise, then halt service immediately and look elsewhere.

Prevent a Locksmith Scam in Fife

Do you require a professional locksmith service in Fife? Now that you know how to steer clear of a locksmith scam, you can safely initiate a search for a qualified company in your area. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn today for reliable customer service and industry-level labor. Our crew has all the training and commercial equipment needed to complete all lock-related jobs. You can also entrust us with your auto lock services.

Don’t Fall for a Locksmith Scam in Fife

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Safe in Puyallup

purchasing a safe

Do you plan on purchasing a safe for your home or office in Puyallup, Washington? Answering this vital question appears straightforward, but it’s not that simple. There are various safe types, with each style constructed for a specific use. To ensure you invest in the right model, consult with a lock and key professional. Asking the right questions gives you a clearer idea of how safes differ and suit different applications. Consider the following questions when speaking to a technician.

What Size Safe Do I Need?

Your locksmith can make recommendations based on your individual needs. Bear in mind, though, that most professionals recommend buying a safe that’s slightly larger than you think you need. 

Are Hidden and Wall Safes Viable?

While your lock and key company can install a hidden or wall safe, neither of these options are ideal for high-value possessions. While these safes can easily be hidden out of sight, they are fairly easy to break into and access the contents once discovered.

Is There a Difference Between Fireproof and Fire Resistant?

Be wary if the installer tells you that a safe is fireproof. There is no such thing as a fireproof safe. Most models, though, are fire resistant. Some of the higher-end models can protect the stored contents from fire and heat for up to 150 minutes. However, no safe can withstand fire indefinitely.

Interested in Purchasing a Safe in Puyallup?

Ready to purchase a safe for your residence in Puyallup? For professional advice, industry-level installation, and impeccable client service, contact the crew at White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn today. Our staff has the know-how, training, and commercial equipment required to do the job to standards. You can also depend on us for commercial lock and auto lock services.  

Purchasing a Safe in Puyallup? We Can Help

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Locksmith in Puyallup

locksmith questionsAre you having issues with a lock in your home in Puyallup, Washington? Perhaps you require auto lock and key services instead. If you’re seeking a locksmith, it can be tricky to know which local service is best. With so many choices, acquiring a trustworthy lock and key professional can seem like a formidable task. To get the service you need, begin by looking up providers in your region. Ask the following locksmith questions before finalizing your decision.

Are you licensed?

Always inquire whether a locksmith is licensed before agreeing to services. While not every state requires locksmiths to carry a license, you’ll feel a greater peace of mind knowing the person you hired met industry standards.

What Services Are Provided?

Ask the lock and key company what services they offer. Some companies may only perform residential services or work exclusively with automotive locks. Continue Reading →

Which Residential Safe is Right for Your Home in Bonnie Lake?

white knight safe and lockAre you contemplating installing a safe for your residence in Bonnie Lake, Washington? If so, it’s imperative to choose a residential safe that fits your exact needs. There are numerous options, each with its distinct advantages. To ensure you purchase a high-quality safe, take time to research the various safe types. A professional locksmith can provide suggestions based on your needs. Consider these popular home safes for your property in Bonnie Lake.

Fire Safe

A common type of residential safe is a fire safe. These units are on the smaller end and are intended for protecting sensitive documents. A fire safe can prevent the damage of passports, wills, deeds, cash, and bank statements during a fire or flood. 

Burglary Safe

Another popular option is a burglary safe. Several models are available, including standalone, floor, and wall safes. Speak with a lock and key company about the pricing and size dimensions of each. Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Home Safe in Waller

home safeDo you own a safe in your home in Waller, Washington? As a homeowner, you should know that there are multiple advantages to having a home safe. Safeguarding your vital paperwork, possessions, and family heirlooms are important. While hopefully, you’ll never experience a break-in, there are people with bad intentions who will snatch your belongings without hesitation. Investing in a safe from your local lock and key company ensures your belongings never leave your home unless you choose to remove them. Consider the following benefits of investing in a safe.

Protects Your Valuables from Theft

As mentioned, a safe will protect your most prized items from theft. Many homeowners prefer to store a wide array of items in their safes for this reason. While safe dimensions vary in range, most can store cash, jewelry, precious metals, and sensitive paperwork.

Keeps Important Items Safe from Extreme Heat

Theft isn’t the only threat to your property. Loss and damage due to a fire can be devastating. Luckily, most safes are fireproof, so your items are protected even if the safe exterior is exposed directly to fire. Some of the more contemporary safe models are also waterproof and protects the contents inside from a flood.

Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask a Locksmith in Covington

Reliable LocksmithHave you been locked out of your car or home in Covington? Perhaps you require lock or key repair or replacement? It goes without saying it would be good to have a professional locksmith’s number on your mobile phone. Not all auto lock and key services are equal, though. To ensure you get the customer care you need, ask the following locksmith questions to ensure you bring on a qualified serviceperson. 

Are You Licensed?

While not all lock and key professionals require licensure, many states require some form of certification. Before hiring a locksmith, check your state’s regulations. If licensure is a pre-requisite, never hire a professional unable to submit proof. If a license isn’t required, compare experience levels and consumer feedback before making a selection. Make sure you’re certain that your new locksmith is competently qualified before agreeing to any service.

What Services Do You Provide?

Not every lock and key agency provide the same services. Know which services a company provides before booking an appointment. Verify your locksmith can complete the specific service you need. You can easily perform most of the research online since most companies have a website, social media presence, or both. Continue Reading →