Common Locksmith Services You Should Know About Near South Hill

locksmith servicesMost people have been in a lockout situation where they found themselves locked out of their homes, office, or vehicle. Locksmith services near South Hill can be your saving grace. The services that a lock and key specialist provides go beyond unlocking your house or car. As someone who owns a house or an automobile, there is a myriad of services that a locksmith can perform for you.

1. Rekey Locks to Use a Single Key

If you have a separate key for the front door, back door, and individual rooms, then that’s a lot of keys to deal with. A residential locksmith can modify each of the locks in the home so they all work off the same key. This way, you only need one home key on your keychain instead of two or three.

2. Make New Keys (Without Your Key!)

You may lose your key and never find it again. A locksmith can create a new set of identical keys. The best part is you don’t need the original key. It’s certainly easier and cheaper to make a key if the original is available. However, having the original isn’t required. This goes for both house and automotive keys. Continue Reading →

Knowing When It’s Time to Rekey Your Home Near Sumner

rekey your homeWhen was the last time you had the main locks in the home rekeyed by a residential locksmith? There are some instances where you should rekey your home. This is a pivotal step in protecting your family and your property from burglary. While changing the locks isn’t something you have to do every year, it’s something that should be done based on specific life situations, which we discuss below.

1. Relocating

Have you recently relocated to a new home or apartment? This situation warrants rekeying the locks. For all you know, the prior owner may have given spare keys to other people or even withheld an extra key. If so, these people now have access to your home without your knowledge. Continue Reading →

Why You Need Spare House Keys Near Leah Hill

spare house keysDo you have additional spare house keys on hand? It’s a good idea to have several spare keys for your Leah Hill residence. This ensures you don’t end up locked out after discovering you misplaced your primary key. If you don’t already have a few spares on hand, you can have a locksmith produce a few duplicates for you. Fortunately, the process is quick, simple, and inexpensive. Here are a few other reasons you should have spare keys.

1. Prevents Lockouts

Lockouts happen occasionally. If the key you lose is the only one you have, then the only recourse is to contact a residential locksmith. Having a spare key can prevent this altogether. We recommend having the spare key on your body when you’re out of the home. If you keep your primary key in a keychain, for example, then keep the spare in a wallet or purse. Continue Reading →

How to Find a Reliable Locksmith in Auburn

Reliable LocksmithDid you lose a key, or is there damage to an existing house lock? Whatever your needs, you want to find a reliable locksmith in Auburn. Choosing a lock and key company can be easier said than done, especially with so many local companies in the area. Here are some tips to assist you in your search for a high-quality residential locksmith.

1. Speak to Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Ask your relatives, acquaintances, or neighbors. Chances are that at least some of them had to replace a lock, create a key duplicate, or install a safe in recent history. Find out which company the person used and whether they recommend the service.

2. Look for Locksmiths Online

With the wonders of Google, all you have to do is perform a keyword search to pull up a listing of local locksmiths in the area, complete with their addresses and phone numbers. Locate the companies most close to your residence. You’ll also acquire additional information, such as hours of operation, whether they provide 24/7 emergency services, etc.

3. Review Company Feedback Thoroughly

Locksmith companies that have been around for a while should have some reviews online. Read these reviews and find out what past customers have to say. Be open to all reviews, positive or negative. A reliable locksmith doesn’t have to have 100% positive reviews. However, a pattern of negative feedback is also a red flag.

Ready to Hire a Reliable Locksmith in Auburn?

If you’re seeking a reliable locksmith in Auburn, then look no further than White Knight Safe & Lock. We provide a range of lock installation and key duplicate services, including commercial locksmith services for business owners. For households and businesses within a seven-mile radius of Auburn, we provide an estimate free of charge.

Expert Reliable Locksmith Assistance in Auburn

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Advice from a Residential Locksmith in Puyallup: What to Do When You Lose Your Keys

lose keysDo you know what to do if you lose your keys? This can be a stressful moment especially if it means being potentially locked out of your own home. Here is some advice that residential locksmiths provide to homeowners in Puyallup when their key isn’t in their pocket, purse, or where they normally keep it.

Stay Calm

Misplacing your home or car keys can lead to frustration and panic. However, while these emotions are normal and expected, it’s important to remain calm. Take a few deep breaths and keep your emotions in check.

Keep Searching

Continue to search. It may help to backtrack and search other areas. Where were you earlier in the day? Could it have fallen out of your pocket when you were at the office or parking lot? If you search these grounds and still can’t find your keys, then it may be time to call a residential or automotive locksmith.

Look in Unusual Places

Search in places you may not consider. You’d be surprised where people have found their keys. This includes unusual places like behind appliances or under a sofa seat. It doesn’t hurt to check these locations before calling a locksmith.

Call a Locksmith

If you searched everywhere to no avail, then the final step is to phone a professional locksmith. The locksmith can’t find your keys, but he/she can create a duplicate. You do not need to have the original key.

Lose Your Keys in Puyallup?

Are your keys nowhere in sight? This can be a cause for alarm but try to stay calm and search in all probable areas. Once you’ve exhausted your options, take the next step by calling White Knight Safe & Lock for professional rekeying and lock installation services. We have helped dozens of clients who lost their residential, automotive, or commercial keys. Let us be your go-to locksmith providers.

Quick Solution When You Lose Your Keys in Puyallup

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Security Tips from a Residential Locksmith in Algona

locksmith security tips, residential security, security tipsHow secure is your residence in Algona, Washington? You may think it’s secure, but a residential locksmith can identify easy points of entry for intruders. Here are some locksmith security tips for better home safety.

Avoid Locks from Big-Box Stores

It’s ideal to acquire new locks directly from a locksmith. Big-box stores may provide good prices and a self-installation kit. However, these locks can easily be bypassed by a seasoned thief. When installing a new lock, always settle for at least a grade three lock or above.

Install Double Cylinder Deadbolts

Do you have windows adjacent to the front door? An intruder can break the glass to reach the door lock from the inside. A double cylinder lock can prevent this since it also requires a key to open from the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt is a popular choice among homeowners who have experienced a robbery. Our commercial locksmiths also install these for business owners. 

Prevent Key Duplication

You may have seen keys that say “do not duplicate” imprinted on the surface. Even if it has this label, it’s still capable of duplication. Speak with a locksmith to learn more about keys that are far more difficult to duplicate. The more duplicates of your key, the greater the likelihood one can fall in the wrong hands.

We Provide Locksmith Security Tips in Algona

Do you wish to enhance your home security in Algona? Safety begins with fortifying your locks and following industry locksmith security tips. You can do this by contacting White Knight Safe & Lock for a consultation. Our professional crew performs residential, commercial, and automotive lock services. We provide lock-out and key creation services on the spot. Leave it to us to install upgraded locks that keep uninvited guests out.

Locksmith Security Tips in Algona

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Advice from a Residential Locksmith in Bonnie: Spare Key Maintenance

spare keys, residential locksmith

Do you keep spare keys in the home? Bonnie residents should have more than just the main key they use. You want to have a backup readily available in the event your main key is lost or stolen. Regarding the spares, where should you store them, and how many should you have on hand? Here are some tips regarding extra residential keys.

Keep the Main and Spare Key Separate

As a general rule, you should never keep spare keys in the same place where you keep your main key. In other words, if your main key is in your purse, the spare should be elsewhere, perhaps in your pocket.

Don’t Leave Spares in Your Car

Keeping a spare key in your car glovebox may seem convenient. However, this isn’t a secure storage area. If a thief breaks into your car and steals your keys among other items, your home is now vulnerable.

Give a Spare to a Friend/Family Member

You should keep the spare in a location that isn’t so obvious, such as taped behind an appliance or furniture. Alternatively, you can give the spare to a trusted relative or friend for safekeeping. This way, you can contact this person instead of having to call a professional. Consider doing the same for a safe spare key if you have a safe in the home.

We Create Spare Keys on the Spot Near Bonnie

Do you require a locksmith to make additional keys for your residence in or near Bonnie, Washington? Now that you understand why spare keys are essential, contact White Knight Safe & Lock for a free estimate today. Apart from residential locks, we also provide similar services for commercial locks as well as auto locks.

We Create Duplicates for Spare Keys Near Bonnie

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Preparing for Residential Lock and Key Services Near Waller

residential lock and key, lock and key

Do you have plans to upgrade one or more locks in your home near Waller, Washington? You’ll need to contact residential lock and key services from a locksmith. Here are some steps to consider when you set up an appointment.

Consider Parking Options

The residential locksmith will arrive in a large truck or van that needs to be in close proximity to your residence. Consider moving your own car out of the garage or driveway to accommodate the locksmith’s vehicle. At the very least, make sure there’s an available curb near your home.

Declutter the Affected Areas

Prior to the locksmith’s arrival, tidy up the area around the locks that the locksmith will be working on. Make the technician’s job easier by removing items that could get in the way.

Budget Accordingly

Ask for a quote over the phone. The locksmith will be able to provide an estimate. However, keep in mind the figure is just a general estimate. The technician will need to physically assess your lock before providing an accurate quote. Nevertheless, having a general estimate will give you a price range to work with and enable you to come up with a tentative budget.

Need Residential Lock and Key Services Near Waller?

Do you need residential lock and key services in or near Waller? Now that you know how to prepare for the process, contact the team at White Knight Safe & Lock to set up an appointment. We provide a range of services from lock upgrades to key replacements. We also perform the same services for commercial locks as well as auto locks. No matter the scope of the job, we will address the project using our professional knowledge, experience, and tools of the trade. 

Residential Lock and Key Services Near Waller

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Items to Keep in a Home Safe Near Federal Way

home safe, home safe items

Are you contemplating whether you need a home safe installation in or near Federal Way, Washington? Unbeknownst to most homeowners, most valuables that are insured are required under the coverage policy to be stored in a safe. Likewise, some items should be kept in a safe simply because they are extremely difficult to replace. Here are some home safe items that are best kept under lock and key for safekeeping.

Identification Documents

Keep hard-to-obtain documents that prove your identity in a residential safe. This includes documents like your passport, social security card, and birth certificates.

Important Documentation

Apart from identity-related documents, you should also store away any paperwork related to your finances and health. Examples include medical records, investment papers, wills, and automobile certificates of titles. If the document requires time, money, and going through hurdles of paperwork to replace, then it belongs in a safe.


Valuables with high monetary worth should go in a safe. This includes cash, jewelry, rare coins and items with high sentimental value. An installer can make a recommendation on a safe once you disclose the type of items you intend on storing.

Protect Your Home Safe Items in Federal Way

Taking extra precautions to protect your belongings is a great way to kickstart 2022. Contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn for a consultation. One of our technicians will introduce to you the various types of residential safes and make a recommendation based on your intended application and budget. Apart from safe installation, we also perform commercial lock and auto lock services. Now that you know the home safe items to safely store away, you’ll have a greater peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected from theft and damage.

Home Safe Items to Safeguard in Federal Way

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What to Ask When Hiring a Tacoma Locksmith

locksmith hiring

You shouldn’t simply go with the first local locksmith you find in the Yellow Pages. Whether you need residential or commercial lock and key services, locksmith hiring should include asking the right questions before agreeing to any services. Here are some questions we recommend to ensure you hire the most qualified company.

What’s Your Level of Experience?

Enquire about the years of service in relation to your specific lock and key needs. One company may have extensive experience, for example, in residential locks but have only recently extended their services to include auto lock and key. With regards to the latter, the company may not have the experience to adequately treat all vehicle types.

How Long Will the Work Take?

In most instances, the Tacoma locksmith you bring in will provide an estimated timeframe for completion. Keep in mind, though, that unforeseen factors can occur that can prolong the process. This is especially the case with a full lock replacement and installation.

Do You Provide Warranties?

You should also inquire about any warranty policies that may be in place for the rendered services. Most companies provide a customer satisfaction guarantee. Read the terms and conditions to determine how and when the warranty may go into effect.

We Make Locksmith Hiring Near Tacoma Easy

Now that you know the best questions to ask, it’s time to take the next proactive step and contact White Knight Safe & Lock in Auburn to book an appointment with a professional locksmith. We have been serving homeowners, business owners, and car owners all over Tacoma and the surrounding area for many years and counting. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools of the trade to tackle any lock-related issue. You can also rely on us for lock services pertaining to residential safes

Reliable Locksmith Hiring Near Tacoma

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